Feels like spring

Feels like spring

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Lisa Lindqwister's pick

Lisa Lindqwister is the ex-model who turned stylist thanks to the legendary Sighsten Herrgård. Today she works for Swedish ELLE Magazine as a fashion editor and she is Hunkydory’s favourite stylist at any time.

Describe your everyday look.

- Suede pants, a crisp shirt and a knitted sweater.

Why is it that Hunkydory loves you and vice versa?

- We speak the same language I guess. I think that my way of styling simply goes well with Hunkydorys’. Just look at my everyday outfit…

Who are your style icons?

- David Bowie and Bianca Jagger.

What are your favourite pieces from the spring summer collection?

- A pair of black ankle-length pants mixed with a silver buttoned black blazer are my favorites. Easy to dress up or tone down and they give me that special feeling of spring and summer. I like it laidback but sharp.

What is your best styling tips?

- Twist your belt around so you are wearing it back to front. This way you get to see the best part of the design, in this case, the embroidered beads.

Who would you like to dress up in Hunkydory?

- Imagine Kate Moss in a nice pair of leather pants, a t-shirt and a blazer. Pure perfection.

What would you say someone dressed in Hunkydory radiates?

- Lot’s of self-confidence yet in a relaxed sort of way.

SS14 collection

SS14 collection

SS14 collection

For Spring /Summer 2014 Hunkydory is inspired by music. The collection reflects your best mix tape referencing different music genres such as rock, grunge, indie and new wave. Influences from the 70’s can be seen in bohemian caftans, suede jerkins with fringes and ankle length dresses with a sophisticated and modern touch. The contrasting elements of a bohemian nonchalant attitude, dressed minimalism and daring chicness form an urban collection.