Value & CSR

It is important for us at Hunkydory to be a good world citizen. Hunkydory’s objective is making a great product for our customers. In doing so, we are ensuring that we are improving the working environment of our fellow colleagues. Our code of conduct standards state that our contractors are required to follow certain guidelines which are based on the international labour organisation (ilo) and the human rights conventions.

- Employment is freely chosen
- Discrimination is never accepted
- No child labour
- Payment of a living wage
- Freedom of association
- Safe and healthy working environment
- Legally-binding relationship
- No excessive working hours

Hunkydory uses sheep, lamb and goats skin for all animal products. We have been assured by our suppliers that all of the animal products used by Hunkydory are from farmed animals, animals which are a source of sustenance. We do not use wild animals. We use only reputable leather goods makers that are certified to use this as by-product, not as the primary element. All products are processed according to international regulations.